The Forgetful Organization – Stephen Capizzano

The Forgetful Organization

The author, Stephen Capizzano, has worked in many different organizations and observed the challenges that come with working with others. After extensively searching for guides that would help him in his journey, he has found help in some very strange places: fairy tales and Aristotle. This book embodies what a business can do to engage people and rouse their commitment to the company’s goals. Mostly, though, it reveals that the solution for that commitment is actually within each of us. Join him on this enlightening journey.

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“A refreshing and welcome departure from the crush of corporate leadership tomes out there. The Forgetful Organization reminds us that our habitual behaviors in organizations – and in life – are both our biggest asset and our biggest liability. Only by our continual reawakening to and reshaping of our intentionality do we move the needle toward the former. The weaving together of multiple images and analogies both resonate and remind us what to do the next time we are tempted to ‘fall asleep on the job.’”

– Robert B. Nelson, Research Scientist


Stephen Capizzano

I am a DREAMER. I have always been a dreamer and at my age probably will always be one. My dreaming has been interrupted by an MS in Healthcare Administration, a Healthcare career and as a team member for the Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Program; a program that recognizes performance excellence in organizations. I have also facilitated many groups in their journey to practical human transformation. 

Born into a working-class family, I remember a summer when I was going to quit school. My father got me a job where he worked helping to build submarines. He arranged it so that all summer I stood on top of a submarine, under the hot summer sun, in full protective gear, sand blasting. After that summer, I went back to school. I continually thank my father for the lesson and guidepost he so gently put in front of me.

Even with all this dreaming and life experience, I still search, with immense gratitude, for a deeper meaning of life. This fairytale is about this search.

– Stephen Capizzano