We’re Really All Just the Same – Rod Cornish

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We’re Really All Just the Same is a timely life lesson, inspired by a four-year-old boy, that all children and adults should hear. One sunny day in New York City, Rod Cornish was walking with his son, Roen, when Roen made an observation and inspiring conclusion that gave rise to this book. Roen, who is biracial, having a Lithuanian mom and African American dad, looked up at his dad and said, “Daddy. Your skin is darker, and mine is lighter.” Before Rod could give him “The Talk” regarding race and differences that probably would have confused him, his next beautiful comment left his father speechless and proud in its childlike simplicity and profoundness. Roen said, “It’s OK. We are really just the same,” and this book was born. By celebrating and acknowledging how we are each unique, wonderful, beautiful, and different in our own special way, Rod leads us to realize that: “We’re really all just the same.” Written in beautiful prose and with vibrant, children-relatable illustrations, discover another important lesson for us all: “So you just be you, and I’ll just be me. Let’s help one another along life’s journey.”

Book age range: 2-10 years. Grade level: K-4.

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2022 IAN Book of the Year Award Medal

2022 IAN Book of the Year Award Finalist!

About the Author

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Rod Cornish is a native of New London, Connecticut, born on May 21, 1965. He is a father to his son Roen Hendrix, and for the last 15 years he has owned and operated a local favorite restaurant, Hot Rod Cafe, known for its award-winning chicken wings and fun atmosphere.

Prior to owning a restaurant and writing this book, Rod’s background was almost the complete opposite. Rod earned his Master of Business Administration from The University of Michigan School of Business Administration and went on to work in Finance and Human Resources at several well-known firms in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York City, including General Foods, GE Capital, and Merrill Lynch.

In 2001 after the tragic events of 9/11, Rod decided to take a year off and left the corporate world to travel and learn. He returned from New York City to his hometown of New London, CT, and then traveled for around three months in Europe, mainly Sevilla, Spain. While abroad, the decision was made to not return to the corporate life and to pursue opening a bar/restaurant.

He enrolled in a local adult education program in Culinary Arts at Grasso Tech, where he learned cooking skills and was taken under the wing of Chef Mario Longo who believed in his dream to open his own place. After finishing the program, Rod delved into the business of learning the industry by working for others for several years bartending and working in kitchens and waitering.  

Finally, in December of 2005, Rod opened Hot Rod Cafe, which quickly  became known for having great wings, beer, and atmosphere. About a year later, Chef Carlos Paucar joined the team and brought the menu up to a new level, winning many awards for Hot Rod Cafe including a trophy in the National Buffalo Wing Competition!

In 2014, Rod became a dad to Roen Hendrix Cornish, the inspiration for this book. He is a handsome and inquisitive boy who is a perfect combination of his African American father and Lithuanian mother.

To contact Rod about presentations, bulk book orders, book readings, or events, visit his website at: www.rodcornishauthor.com

About the Illustrator

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Autumn Wilson is an illustrator and designer based in Southern California.  She earned a BFA in Illustration from Syracuse University.  You can find her drawing, reading, watching movies…all at the same time.

To see more of Autumn’s work, visit her website at: www.autumnevewilson.com