Boosh Bird – Cinderella Mosley

Boosh bird children's book

Baby Bird was a very curious, confident and stubborn little chick who decided one day to disobey her mother’s directions to stay in the nest while Mother Bird was away hunting for food. Baby Bird soon learns that her flying skills are not developed enough to keep her out of trouble. This delightful tale is one that all children can relate to as they grapple with the desire to be independent young learners while understanding the importance of heeding the wise advice of the adult caregivers in their lives. Whimsical illustrations, with a hidden ladybug in each, engage both young and senior readers.

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“In true traditional storytelling style, Cinderella Mosley wraps the reader around and into the story of Boosh Bird, a personal narrative passed down through the generations of her family from her grandmother. With realistically simple words for children of school age to read but with the true style of storytelling, Ms. Cinderella (as she is know to children of all ages) brings you into the nest and the loving wings of the mother bird. It is very easy for the reader to become the baby bird and relate with personal connections to the “being too curious” traits of the young at heart. Illustrator Ms. Robin Nelson’s interpretation of this rich story truly adds to the richness of the tale. Her attention to detail brings out the words of Storyteller Ms. Cinderella with vibrance and depth. This book should be a must for all classrooms and libraries around the country.”

Candace Bartsch, teacher, Regional Multicultural Magnet School, New London, CT

“A delightfully-illustrated story that serves as an amusing reminder of how the wisdom of our elders serves to protect and guide all of us. Cinderella captures the spirit of the young bird who is determined to spread her wings and learn through her own experience. A resonant tale for all the restless and curious.”

Laureen Pierandi, Enrichment Coordinator at the Regional Multicultural Magnet School

“A natural born storyteller and beloved teacher, Cinderella Mosley’s Native American and childhood roots have compelled her to connect with both the young and old through stories. She is a walking collection of life experiences, ancestral history and insight. Cinderella magically captures the hearts and imaginations of those she befriends and mentors. The loving message of her dear grandmother in the sweet narrative of Boosh Bird is one of remembrance and wisdom. As the precious story unfolds, artist Robin Nelson’s vibrant illustrations give flight to the tale allowing readers to make their own connections to a Boosh Bird.”

Pauline Reed, M.Ed Educator, Regional Multicultural Magnet School

About the Author

Cinderella Mosley’s maternal grandmother exposed her to storytelling at a very young age. She credits her spirit and determination to being brought up in a multi-generational household in Philadelphia by three strong women. After many years of facing racism and academic struggles due to lack of encouragement from teachers, Cinderella developed an exceptionally strong and creative work ethic that she continues to pass on to the students she works with at the Regional Multicultural Magnet School.

About the Illustrator

Robin T. Nelson is a children’s book writer and illustrator who enjoys watercolor painting, making jewelry using precious metal clay, and helping other authors publish their books. She recently retired from many years as a research scientist and can now devote more time to art. Robin is a scientist at heart, a devoted wife and mother, and enjoys using her artistic skills for humanitarian purposes.