Louella and the Librarian – Christine Ricci-McNamee

Louella and the Librarian book cover

Louella, a curious eight-year-old girl, had never been to the library. She had heard about this “magical place” from her mother who had told her stories about Margie the Librarian. Join Louella on her adventure as she gets her first library card, meets new friends, and discovers the world through books.

Age range: ages 6-10 years

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“As a teacher of over 20 years in the Boston area, I highly recommend the book Louella and the Librarian. It is a heartwarming tale that all elementary students and teachers will fall in love with. The storyline provides many opportunities for teachers to create rigorous, spin off comprehension and writing lessons. The illustrations will lure students in and the plot will keep them entertained, focused, and interested. This children’s book should be on all school and children’s library shelves.”

– Tiffany Giannato, special education teacher, Boston, MA

“Once again, an amazing story from Christine. Yes, the library is a magical place, and Louella’s first visit introduced her to all that is magical. Louella not only experiences the magic in the library, but she also demonstrates compassion when she reaches out to another character Andy, who sits alone. Christine has a way of making characters come alive. In this book, the LIBRARY came alive for the child’s first visit, and I cannot wait to see more from this author, maybe even another story with these two adorable characters.”

– Roberta Casaletto, library teacher, East Boston Central Catholic School

“Louella’s excitement for the library and the abundance of books from which she is able to choose is a feeling that is familiar to all who visit or have visited the library as a young child. This story is a beautiful reminder of the relationships and friendships that can be forged through the pages of a good book.”

– Katelyn Cidorowich, first grade teacher, Massachusetts

About the Author

Author Christine Ricci-McNamee

Christine Ricci-McNamee is an honors graduate of Salem State University in Salem, MA where she earned her B.A. in English/Written Communications. She is a certified Paralegal and resides in East Boston, in her childhood home. When she is not busy running the family businesses, she enjoys walks with her dog Winston, traveling, spending time with family and friends, reading, photography, gardening and of course writing.

Christine was the winner of the Presidential Arts Scholarship in Creative Writing at Salem State. She also was an American Poetry Association Poet of Merit, as well as the winner of the Boston Public Library Scholar’s Award. Her poetry has appeared in several anthologies such as the American Collegiate Poets, the American Poetry Association Anthology, the American Anthology of Contemporary Poetry and in “A Time To Be Free,” a poetry anthology published by Quill Books.

Christine has also written two other books. Flames of Feeling is a delightful collection of poems for children and young adults on various themes. Logan and the Lost Luggage is a children’s book with themes of kindness, friendship, landmarks/geography, and diversity that will spark wonderful conversations between parents and children or teachers and students.

About the Illustrator

Illustrator Patrick Regan

Patrick Regan is an illustrator, graphic designer, and motion graphic designer from New London, Connecticut. He had an ambitious and creative drive from an early age. Growing up, he spent countless hours at the kitchen table bringing his imagination to life through drawing, and in doing so, he created and destroyed hundreds of fictional characters and universes.

Ultimately, this led to his enrollment at the Hartford Art School where he began to refine his skills. He received a BFA in illustration in 2016. Since graduating, Patrick has worked as a motion graphic designer in the video marketing industry, creating animated commercials for TV, video streaming services, and web. He also has experience illustrating beer cans, children’s books, book covers, and album art, as well as designing logos, menus, tattoos, book layouts, T-shirts, and other merchandise.

When not working on commissioned projects, Patrick is busy designing, illustrating, animating, and bringing to life his own fantasy world projects. He enjoys collecting comics and vinyl, reading, and spending time at the beach.

Patrick can be reached at: patrick_regan@sbcglobal.net

His portfolio can be viewed at: faireharbourart.com