The Great Mouse Caper: A Christmas Story – Fred Neff

The Great Mouse Caper: A Christmas Story

A large family of mice lives in the attic of a large house. To avoid a winter food shortage when the family of people downstairs moves out at Christmas time, the mice plan a notorious caper, fooling nearly everybody. However, crime does not pay, and the mice get caught in their own foolish way.

Age range: preK-3rd grade, ages 4-10 years

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About the Author

Fred Neff and his son Calvin

The Calvin and Dad children’s book series by Fred Neff stem from real life fatherhood experiences with his toddler son, Calvin. The Memory Tree is the first in the series.

When speaking to children at schools, Fred is often asked how he got started writing. After stating that he learned how to rhyme by listening to songs on the radio, replacing the words with those of his own, he usually gets oohs and aahs of wonder from children in the audience when he adds that it was before television!

After receiving a B.A. in Journalism from San Diego State University, Fred wrote numerous articles as a Contributing Editor for San Diego Home/Garden Magazine before turning the pages in life to eventually set down roots in Southeastern Connecticut, where he has lived and worked for the past three decades.

Fred believes that in every adversity there is a seed of opportunity of equal or greater value. From the adversity of a divorce, he found a seed of opportunity in writing stories about the adventures that he and his young son, Calvin, have shared. This led to publishing numerous books either about Calvin or as a collaborative effort, with Calvin challenging Dad to write stories for him, such as the fireman’s favorite rescue story, Farnsworth the Firehose and Taylor Grief, and a holiday favorite, Can Gi-Normus the Tow Truck and Squawky Palone Save Christmas?

About the Illustrator

Sara Connolly

Sara Connolly is a local artist and mother of three children from Niantic, Connecticut. She has a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education and has previously owned and operated two daycare centers in Connecticut. Currently, Sara is both illustrating children’s books and assisting her husband with his media business.

Sara began working together with Fred Neff after receiving his ‘call to artists’ e-mailed out to area artists by the Hygienic Art Gallery in New London Connecticut, where she is a member and volunteer. The Great Mouse Caper is their first collaboration.