Eat the Flowers – Robert Simpson

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The path toward this book was longer than expected. The author, Robert Simpson, chronicled the feelings, events, disappointments, remembrances, loves and lost opportunities throughout his life, beginning with the Vietnam War through his career as a lawyer. He penned poems reflecting the events that shaped his life resulting in a poetry book spanning the vast range of emotions of a life of great joys, deep sorrows and those moments in between.

Eat the Flowers
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Eat the Flowers
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About the Author

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Robert Simpson is a Vietnam Veteran and engineer who began his military career as an enlisted man before earning a commission as a naval line officer. He became an attorney and magistrate following his active service. While in high school, his English teacher told him that he had a poet’s soul and she expected him to become a poet. Thus, over fifty years ago, began the path toward this book. He began penning poems reflecting events and feelings attendant to the events that shaped his life. Bob is now disabled, married, has one daughter, three grandchildren and one great grandchild.

About the Illustrator

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Robin T. Nelson has studied watercolor painting at the Lyme Academy of Fine Art.  She follows the color theory of the artist Stephen Quiller, with whom she has taken several workshops.  She recently retired from many years as a research scientist and can now devote more time to art.  Robin is a scientist at heart, a devoted wife and mother, and enjoys using her artistic skills for humanitarian purposes.