Calvin and the Red Neck Wagon – Fred Neff

Calvin and the Red Neck Wagon book cover

In Calvin and the Red Neck Wagon, young Calvin asks Dad for a wagon, but Dad suggests rather than buy one, they drive to rural Virginia to visit Auntie Carol and Uncle Loren to build a wagon from used car and truck parts where Uncle Loren has stored many old cars up on blocks under blue tarps.
Together, Uncle Loren, Dad, and Calvin search for used parts and build a 6-foot wagon complete with truck steering wheels for tires, a truck toolbox for a wagon bed, dual mirrors, and a red fuel filler neck from an ancient VW Beetle. They even found a Hurst shifter knob to accent the wagon handle. For authenticity, an actual photo of the completed wagon appears in the back of the book.

Age range: preK-3rd grade, ages 4-10 years

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About the Author

Fred Neff and his son Calvin

Fred Neff, a single dad, lives and writes in the seaport town of Mystic, Connecticut. He’s enjoyed rhyming since before he can remember. Calvin, Fred’s young son, has inspired him to write children’s stories as well as the Calvin and Dad Series. Fred is the author of 11 children’s books and one personal development book, “Clues to Success—Making Rhyme out of Reason.”

About the Illustrator

Pamela Pike Gordinier Illustrator

Pamela Pike Gordinier has been awarded membership in the CT Academy of Fine Arts, Copley Society of Boston, and CT Watercolor Society. An award- winning artist, her work has been acquired by corporations such as: Pfizer, Travelers Insurance, Northeast Utilities, Soloman Brothers and Southern New England Telephone. As an educator, Pam has taught workshops in Paris, Provence, Algarve & Venice. Annually, she conducts week-long workshops in Vero Beach, FL and Block Island, RI.