Not Blue – Danielle Bergh

“Your power and beauty lie in celebrating who you ARE, not in comparing yourself to what you ARE NOT.”

In “Not Blue,” A young girl lives in a completely blue world. She ate blue food, played with blue toys, and all her friends were blue.  Blue was just the way things were. As she got older, her friends started mentioning that she was different. She was not blue. This had never bothered her before, but now she felt different. The teachers told all her friends that it was fine that she was not the same as them. It didn’t matter and it was something not to be mentioned again. This made the girl sad. Then she met a family who was like her and they showed her that it was not that she was different that mattered, but that she was unique and special. The woman said to not focus on what she was not, because that did not define her, but to feel the beauty of what she was. The girl started to love her uniqueness.

Not Blue” is about societal pressure to be “normal,” to fit in, and to adhere to the status quo. Through the power of representation, self love and acceptance, one girl shines her own unique light, illuminating the fact that different can be extraordinarily beautiful. 

The vibrant illustrations creatively draws the reader through the story by initially showing everything the same but slowly morphing into a bright and thrilling world.

Age range: 2nd-3rd grades, ages 4-10 years

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Not Blue is a great read with a great message. It is beautifully written and illustrated and subtly delivers the important message of self love, acceptance, and commonality. A fine edition to a child in your life’s story time rotation. Well done!”

– Rod Cornish, Author and Owner of Hot Rod Cafe in New London, CT

Not Blue delivers a critical message to us all – what is most important is who we are, not who we are not. Beautifully written and illustrated, this story reminds us to treasure difference, an essential component of our humanity. Reading this with our children allows space for difficult conversations that confront conventions and question assumptions. A true gift, worth reading and reflecting on at any age.”

– Erica Mahon, Director of Special Services, Ocean Avenue LEARNing Academy

About the Author

Danielle Bergh Author

Danielle Bergh is a Social Studies and Mindfulness teacher who lives in New London, CT, and currently works in the New London Public School System. She loves dogs, birds, books, and all things magical and weird.

About the Illustrator

Autumn Wilson Illustrator

Autumn Wilson is an illustrator and designer based in Southern California. She earned a BFA in Illustration from Syracuse University. You can find her drawing, reading, watching movies…all at the same time. To see more of Autumn’s work go to her website at: