Karina Kitten’s Life Rewritten: A Life with PTSD – Carissa Church

Karina Kitten’s father, Daddy Kitten, ends up going to the hospital, and the family receives news that changes their lives, especially Karina Kitten’s. Karina Kitten struggles after the change occurs, but those around her listen and help her. This sweet and cute story of animals going through a challenge shows the importance of expressing feelings. Carissa Church’s message to readers and people struggling with a challenge is that they can and should express their thoughts and feelings. There will always be someone who listens and understands what they are going through.

Age range: 2nd or 3rd grade+ / 7-10 years old+

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“Carissa Church’s debut children’s book addresses an important mental health issue many families face, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Ms. Church uses adorable animal characters to illustrate one family’s experience with trauma. In addition to the family’s personal story, Ms. Church presents the reader with helpful information and statistics about PTSD. Looking forward to seeing what is next for this young and talented author!”

– Cristina Connell, PhD, LCSW

An authentic and surprising look at the affects of PTSD on a family, as seen and experienced through the eyes of a child.”

– Shiela Murphy Adams, Author and Educator

About the Author

Carissa Church is from Connecticut and was born in August of 2005. Outside of writing she works hard in school and plays competitive softball. Currently she is in high school and is starting to look at colleges. She has also gone through many challenges with her family which help to inspire her books. 

Carissa was born with Apraxia of Speech and went through years of speech therapy. When she was 8, her dad ended up having a stroke and was diagnosed with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) from when he was in the United States Army. This event affected her in life and still affects her occasionally in life. Almost 6 years later, Carissa and her family found out that her dad also has epilepsy from medical items within his life. When Carissa was almost 15, her parents and her had to put down the cat that they had since she was 4 which also fuels some of Carissa’s PTSD. Carissa Church has anxiety and forms of PTSD which are very hard for her to discuss thus helping create her main message in life. The message she wants to relay to all is no one should be afraid to express what they are feeling because there will always be someone who will listen and understand what you are going through.