A Beach Chase – Sarah Downie

A Beach Chase Children's BookFollow Holly and Logan, on an exploration of their beautiful coastal home. The book has beautiful sights and encounters with nature in an A-to-Z format with alphabet letters hidden throughout the book illustrations. The story follows the adventures of two children as they try to retrieve a pink conch shell from a mischievous mermaid. Holly and Logan chase after her, scuba diving and kayaking along the shore. They finally come upon an undersea party, and see the mermaid giving the shell to a shell-less hermit crab. This act of kindness inspires Holly to share her shell collection with the other sea creatures. At the end of the book, there is a small index that reveals the illustrated letters and corresponding nautical items.

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A Beach Chase is beautifully illustrated and engagingly imaginative. Young readers will be excited to join Holly and Logan on their beach adventure, which quickly transforms to an underwater adventure. The captivating illustrations draw you into the story, and the adorable children will make you smile with every turn of the page. This one will surely become a favorite!”

 – Sheila Adams, 4th Grade Teacher, West Vine Street School, Pawcatuck, CT

A Beach Chase, written by Sarah Downie, is a beautiful and richly illustrated alphabet book where you may end up framing the gorgeous pages because they are worthy of being up on a wall in your classroom or home! Children will be fully engaged while on the hunt for all the letters of the alphabet that are cleverly hidden amongst the colorful artwork. The last page of the book allows the reader to see the alliterative words and letters woven throughout the book! What a wonderful addition this book has been in our library!”

– Alicia Sweet Dawe, Principal, West Vine Street School, Pawcatuck, CT

A Beach Chase is a happy book about the adventure two charming friends embark upon while chasing a stolen conch shell. The innocence and adventure of a summer day at the beach emanates off the pages. Although you may not realize it at first, the beautiful illustrations are an ABC hide and seek adventure. The vocabulary words on each page hint via alliteration at the hidden letters. There is a surprise happy ending that will please young readers. After the story, there is an index of the hidden letters and corresponding alliterative words for parents to share with their child, which naturally leads to another reading of this wonderful book.”

Deborah Schlette, Kindergarten Teacher, Toll Gate Grammar School, Pennington, NJ

About the Author and Illustrator

A Beach Chase Author

Sarah Downie is an illustrator who lives in Connecticut.  She studied illustration at Montserrat College of Art, graduating in 2017.  She writes as a hobby and also creates seasonal greeting cards, stories and art for commission.  When she isn’t creating art or working, she enjoys a nice cup of tea, reading a book, hiking in the woods, and visiting her favorite beach.  This is her first children’s book. You can find some of her other artwork at: sarahdownieart.com