Scars and Stripes Forever – Claudia Turner

Scars and Stripes Forever Cover

It’s been fifty years since JFK’s assassination, and the public’s demand for truth prompts Ben Douglas of the CIA to give his subordinate, Kat Hastings, a confidential assignment – find a room established by the men of Operation-40 and tell him what’s inside. Not only does Kat find missing evidence that supports a conspiracy, but she also discovers that her estranged father, Henry Hastings, known as H2 within “The Company,” is deeply involved in the plot.

While working on this assignment, Kat reconnects with Robbie O’Toole, a man she would have married but for her father’s intervention. Robbie has dedicated his life to exposing the truth behind the assassination and although Kat wants to share what she’s learned with him, it would mean violating her CIA oath, providing evidence of her father’s treason, and placing Robbie’s life, as well as her own, in danger as sinister forces will do anything to keep secrets secret. If she doesn’t reveal what she knows, Kat helps perpetuate the cover-up of an event that, by its apparent success, encouraged subsequent abuses of power and undermined trust in the U.S. government.

Steeped in the memories of the Vietnam War era and set to the soundtrack of the sixties, Scars and Stripes Forever awakens the ghosts of the Kennedy assassination who continue to haunt our national psyche.

Scars and Stripes Forever

Scars and Stripes Forever

About the Author

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Claudia Turner was born in Baltimore, Maryland. She earned a B.S. from Bates College, an M.S. from The Pennsylvania State University and a PhD from The Johns Hopkins University. At various times, she has been an athlete, a teacher, a scientist and finally, a writer. Claudia lives in Massachusetts where she enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her dog, Rosie.