Dolphin Mimicry – Roger Kuhns

Dolphin Mimicry

In Roger J Kuhns’ novel Dolphin Mimicry, the forces of mankind and nature intersect through the intertwined journeys of self-realization and enlightenment between a man and a dolphin.  This story follows the adventures of a diver, Jonas, working on an ocean rig off the coast of Namibia in the South Atlantic.  He befriends a dolphin, Peek, and their shared adventure deepens through the discovery of each other’s worlds as they interact with whales, sharks, intense storms, and humans.  The story embraces the importance of respecting and protecting nature, and leads to a conclusion that will warm your heart.

The author wrote the story while at sea exploring for diamonds, where he could see all the semi rigs drilling for oil on the continental shelf. During this time, he was lucky enough to watch dolphins, whales, sharks, and humans interacting in many ways. It  began as a bedtime tale for the author’s children, Matthew and Madeleine, following his experiences at sea, but morphed into a tale for all ages.

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“I cracked the cover and found myself in the middle of an Ocean, headed for a very large Adventure!  I was so caught up in that huge high seas storm, my heart was actually racing.  Surely Jonas would survive!  In the early hours of this morning, I finished your exciting-wonderfully-fantastically-real novel, about Jonas & Peek.  What a bedtime story!  To put it mildly, I loved it.”

– Barb Stevens, Leesburg, FL

“This book took me on a journey to the Namibia Coast and the wonders of the lives of marine creatures . . . what a joy to be swimming fast, diving and leaping above the water on equatorial sunsets. I really wish we had a Jonas dolphin research fund at the local aquarium.”

– Fatima Matos, Music, CT

About the Author

Roger Kuhns holds a PhD in geology.  He has worked for 35 years around the world in over 80 countries and in the South Atlantic.  He has taught at City College of New York and University of Wisconsin Field Station.  Roger also teaches geology and writing at The Clearing in Ellison Bay, Wisconsin.  He writes and performs monologues about his life, and has written and produced two films.  He finds adventure in every corner of the globe, and every corner of his life.  Roger lives in Mystic, Connecticut, with his wife, Anne, and their two cats. You can follow Roger at: He invites readers to e-mail him at: Also available as an eBook from Amazon.