Through the Magnifying Glass – Frankie Ann Marcille

Through the Magnifying Glass book cover

“Sometimes even the greatest detective needs to look through the magnifying glass…”

Julia is just your average middle schooler. She loves spending time with her family and friends, reading, and listening to music or podcasts. She especially loves listening to old-school Sherlock Holmes radio shows on YouTube. But Julia doesn’t feel like everyone else. Having a vision impairment sometimes makes her feel like she doesn’t fit in anywhere. She’s not totally blind, but she’s not sighted either. Her family and teachers for the blind encourage her to use adaptive devices, like a white cane, or assistive technology, like a screen reader, to help her, but Julia has no interest. She wants to be just like everyone else, specifically her older brother, John, the town hero, most popular guy in high school, mystery solving, John.

When Cooperstown, New York is hit with another major mystery, everyone turns to John and his three best friends to solve the case. As the mystery unfolds, they realize they are “looking” in all the wrong places.

Will Julia rise to the challenge, accept the help she may need, and use it to bring her brother and his friends through the magnifying glass?

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“Through the Magnifying Glass is a wonderfully written story of 5 middle school students (one who is visually impaired) as they solve the towns biggest mystery. Full of plot twists, this story captured my attention which made it hard to put the book down! People of all ages could benefit from the lessons and suspenseful mystery this book has to offer.”

– Julia Reid, Author

“Through the Magnifying Glass asks the reader the toughest of questions: How do I come to terms with my identity? Why do people feel so awkward when I walk in the room? How do I participate in P.E. without looking stupid? I see my childhood in this book, and it brought me to tears. An amazing reminder that as dark as things get, there is always someone in the world that understands what you are going through.”

– Cody Laplante, Owner and CEO of eye.t and teacher for the Visually Impaired

“Frankie’s voice and personal experience is so important and much needed. Frankie is leading and aiding in the inclusion and accessibility for the Blind and Visually Impaired community. Her story is an important one and as a teacher myself, inclusion is one of the most important components in a person’s life. As humans, I believe we were meant to be a tribal group of people and not isolated. This book is important and needs to be in the hands of all young readers, especially those that are fans of mystery!”

– Amanda M’Sadoques, Humanities teacher

About the Author

Frankie Ann Marcille Author

Frankie Ann Marcille (she/her) is an author, educator, actress, and advocate who just so happens to be legally blind! Her first children’s book, “Yes: The Story of a Dreamer” (illustrated by Patrick Regan and published by Leaning Rock Press) was released in 2021. She is so excited to be sharing her second book with you!

Frankie Ann earned her BA in Theatre Arts in her home state of Connecticut (Western Connecticut State University) and her M.S.Ed/dual certification in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy and Orientation & Mobility from Hunter College. Frankie Ann is certified as a DIR Floortime therapist – a method of therapeutic instruction for students with Autism and other neuro- developmental delays.

Over the past decade, Frankie Ann has traveled throughout the country, teaching and advocating for individuals of all ages with multiple disabilities. Most recently, Frankie Ann has joined the team at VISIONS Services for the Blind as a Vision Rehabilitation Therapist and Orientation & Mobility Specialist. Frankie Ann is also proud to work as a script writer, voice actor, and puppeteer for Let’s Write About, a fully accessible children’s television program created by Donnie Welch Poetry and airing on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network. The series consists of full length episodes and asynchronous shorts, which serve to share creative, accessible, and educational activities for students of all abilities. The writing team was honored to recently receive an educational arts grant from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Center to fund their latest episode, “Let’s Write About Braille” (written by Frankie Ann). She is also very grateful to have had the chance to star in the short film, The Runner, created by Mack Productions. The film is currently making its way through the 2022-2023 film festival circuit, and she cannot wait for everyone to see it!

To learn more about Frankie Ann, please visit

About the Illustrator

Patrick Regan Illustrator

Patrick Regan is an illustrator, graphic, and motion graphic designer from New London, Connecticut. He had an ambitious and creative drive from an early age. Growing up, Patrick was inspired by Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, and Batman. He spent countless hours at the kitchen table bringing his imagination to life, and in doing so, he created and destroyed hundreds of fictional characters and universes.

Ultimately, this led to his enrollment at the Hartford Art School, where he began to refine his skills. He received a BFA in illustration in 2016. Since graduating, Patrick has worked full time as an in-house motion graphic designer for Astor Place, Inc, a video production and marketing company. He also has worked on hundreds of freelance illustration and design projects, including book cover art, beer can art, T-shirt designs, album art, logo designs, book layouts and illustrations, concept art, tattoos, private commissions, and more.

When not working on commissioned projects, Patrick is busy designing, illustrating, animating, and bringing to life his own fantasy world projects. He enjoys collecting comics and vinyl, reading, and spending time at the beach.

Patrick can be reached at: and his portfolio can be viewed at