I Live in 2 Houses – Fred Neff

I Live in 2 Houses book cover

The Calvin and Dad series chronicles the bond Calvin and his dad share as they explore a parade of life’s marvels, some seemingly ordinary but always humorous. Each story, told in first person from Calvin’s perspective, allows the adult reader to chuckle over a child’s perspective of how things are and reminisce of the days of Dad teaching a child and the many things that a child teaches their Dad.

In I Live in 2 Houses, Calvin’s parents have divorced with Calvin dividing his time between his parent’s two houses. He enjoys having different experiences with both parents who make his time with them memorable, enjoyable, and filled with love. Calvin and his dad ponder the realities of divorce as they find and share a silver lining.

Age range: preK-3rd grade, ages 4-10 years

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About the Author

Fred Neff and his son Calvin

Fred Neff, a single dad, lives and writes in the seaport town of Mystic, Connecticut. He’s enjoyed rhyming since before he can remember. Calvin, Fred’s young son, has inspired him to write children’s stories as well as the Calvin and Dad Series. Fred is the author of 11 children’s books and one personal development book, “Clues to Success—Making Rhyme out of Reason.”

About the Illustrator

Bill Dougal Illustrator

Bill Dougal creates illustrations for books, publications, and advertisements. He also writes and records songs for kids which you can find on www.dougalmusic.net. Bill is in demand as a professional caricaturist as well. He lives in Lebanon, CT.