“Yes” The Story of a Dreamer – Frankie Ann Marcille

"Yes" The Story of a Dreamer

“Yes” and “No”. Two of the simplest, shortest, but most powerful words. One has the power to lift a person up; to motivate them to achieve their dreams, to push them to never give up. The other has the power to tear a person down, to fill them with doubt, to influence them to stop trying. “Yes” and “No”.

As adults, it is up to us to encourage our children to never stop dreaming. It is up to us to inspire our children to plant seeds and wish on stars. It is up to us to remind them that it is not about what they see or hear. It is not about how they get around. It is not about what they look like. It is about what they do with the life they have been given. 

As an author, educator, and advocate, I am committed to this task. I am committed to being a supporter of those who need support. I am committed to being a cheerleader for the dreamer. I am committed to being a Gardner for the next generation. And I hope you will join me. A part of fulfilling that mission means ensuring that this story, my story, a story for anyone who has ever had a dream, can be accessed by all readers. 

When I was a little girl, I had many wonderful dreams. I dreamt of dancing across glorious stages for crowds of people. I dreamt of traveling the world. I dreamt of becoming a teacher, sharing my experiences with the next generation of dreamers. When I was a little girl, after a night of dreaming, I would spring from my bed excited to share my dreams with anyone who would listen. But as I shared my dreams, I noticed something that made my heart sink. People began to frown. People exchanged worried glances. People told me, “no”. And then I met someone who told me, ‘Yes, you can do anything!” and my life was changed forever. 

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“In a world where children are often told ‘no’ and ‘it’s not possible,’ a courageous young dreamer transforms a perceived disability into abilities – the ability to dance, travel, and teach. This inspiring tale encourages all children to dream big and for adults to support these dreams!”

– Diane Brauner, Manager of Perkins School for the Blind’s Paths to Technology website

“There needs a little bit more ‘yes’ in this world! This sweet story brings the magic of believing to the readers. There are so many well-meaning people who don’t realize the limits put on kids with vision impairments. Will their experiences be different? Yes! And that’s okay. This story reminds kids that ability is always stronger than disability.”

– Robbin Clark, MA. Expanded Core Curriculum Coordinator, Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind

About the Author

Frankie Ann Marcille is a legally blind author, educator, and advocate from southeastern Connecticut, currently residing in Manhattan, New York. At three months old, she was diagnosed with septo-optic dysplasia; a condition that resulted in legal blindness. Frankie Ann has spent her entire life adapting to her visual impairment, learning to never let it hold her back, and advocating for others to do the same! She earned her BA in Theatre Arts from Western Connecticut State University and is currently studying to obtain her M.Ed. in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy/Orientation and Mobility from Hunter College. 

Over the past decade, Frankie Ann has traveled the country, teaching and advocating for individuals of all ages with multiple disabilities. Most recently, she has been working as a Mentor and Teacher for two of the Utah School for the Deaf and Blind’s virtual learning programs. She has recently joined the team at Elle Jones Casting Company; representing and advocating for accessibility for disabled actors. 

When she’s not advocating, Frankie Ann enjoys going on adventures with her boyfriend, Jim, spending a weekend at the beach with her family, hiking, dancing, reading, and of course… writing! She is a contributing writer for blogs such as “Paths to Technology” (run by the Perkins School for the Blind), “Anxiously Blogging” (testimonials on living with anxiety, run by Mareena Bartelli), and “Chickadee Collective” (a resource for female artists who want to take control of their careers, run by Tara Llewellyn). She also runs her own advocacy/accessibility blog called “Blind Ambition”. Frankie Ann could not be more excited to be fulfilling her lifelong dream of being an author and sharing her story with you!     

To learn more about Frankie Ann, please visit: frankieannmarcille.com

About the Illustrator

Patrick Regan  is an illustrator, graphic, and motion graphic designer from New London, Connecticut. He had an ambitious and creative drive from an early age. Growing up, Patrick was inspired by Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, and Batman. He spent countless hours at the kitchen table bringing his imagination to life, and in doing so, he created and destroyed hundreds of fictional characters and universes. 

Ultimately, this led to his enrollment at the Hartford Art School, where he began to refine his skills. He received a BFA in illustration in 2016. Since graduating, Patrick has worked full time as an in-house motion graphic designer for Astor Place, Inc, a video production and marketing company. He also has worked on hundreds of freelance illustration and design projects, including book cover art, beer can art, T-shirt designs, album art, logo designs, book layouts and illustrations, concept art, tattoos, private commissions, and more. 

When not working on commissioned projects, Patrick is busy designing, illustrating, animating, and bringing to life his own fantasy world projects. He enjoys collecting comics and vinyl, reading, and spending time at the beach. 

Patrick can be reached at: patrick_regan@sbcglobal.net

His portfolio can be viewed at: faireharbourart.com