My Best Ghoulfriend – Amanda Grafe

cover Ghouls

Amanda is in search of her best friend – but can’t seem to find her! Where could she be and who is the little ghoul that’s following her everywhere? Very young children will enjoy following the range of emotions delightfully illustrated on the pumpkin carried by the main character, Amanda, as she searches for her friend.


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About the Author

Amanda Grafe is an author and artist living in Rhode Island, who loves sea glass hunting and volunteering in her community. Whether she’s creating a children’s book or an abstract painting, she believes in giving back to the world around her and leaving it a better place than she found it. Check out her work at .

About the Illustrator

Emely Varosky

Emely Varosky is an illustrator and graphic designer living in Massachusetts with her husband, two stepkids, lots of coffee, and five (yep, five) cats – all of which offer plenty of inspiration for her playful illustrations. Check out her work at and @em_varo on Instagram.