Baby Bunny and the Balloon – Amanda Grafe

With simple yet endearing illustrations, Amanda Grafe has crafted a story of family caring and love. Every family member comes to the aid of Baby Bunny to find his lost balloon. Each has their special way to help repair the balloon after it is found, showing, that by working together, we can fix any problem.





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“As an author and Director to a preschool, I appreciated the simplicity of both the illustrations and message of Baby Bunny and the Balloon. Embracing the fact that everyone can work together to make a difference is a message we all could hear more often. Having the characters involved in tasks that we universally identify with also made the story one in which all readers could relate. ‘It takes a village’ comes to life in this story!”

– Nancy Rupert, co-author of View from a Snow Globe and Director of St. Luke Grins & Giggles Preschool


About the Author and illustrator

Amanda Grafe is an author and artist living in Rhode Island, who loves sea glass hunting and volunteering in her community. Whether she’s creating a children’s book or an abstract painting, she believes in giving back to the world around her and leaving it a better place than she found it. Check out her work at .